1) You are able to get Your own domain name
if You respect (2) and (3) from this ToS.

2) You must not use Your domain for illegal or unethical malicious purposes,
also You must not supply fraudulent registration data.

3) If You do not comply with (2) then You will lose Your domain
and the right to register more domains, if You notice any case
of abuse report it ASAP at jovan[ A T ]

4) Statistics are gathered for internal NiC.Pro.MK register usage
in order to provide better quality of service.
5) NiC.Pro.MK respects Your privacy and shall not share Your info with unauthorized third parties,
however in a case of abuse [in other words if the user is not respecting term (2) from this ToS]
NiC.Pro.MK shall work co-operatively with the legal authorities if requested. Also, if the user
specifies that his or hers data should be available to the public via the whois system, NiC.Pro.MK
shall make it available publicly. Please note that You have the option which is clearly represented
in the whois update form, to show or not show Your whois data publicly.

6) This ToS is mandatory and changeable at any time for any reason
by the NiC.Pro.MK registration authority.

7) The service is provided in best effort and AS IS - there is no warranty.

8) The service is free of charge, also donations are not accepted.

9) By requesting a domain from the NiC.Pro.MK register You fully agree to this ToS.

Termination of service:
10) You could stop using and delete Your domain at any time.
Termination also follows if rule (2) from this ToS is broken.
Termination of service may be conducted by the register with or without
user notification.
Termination of service does not mean termination of the terms of service.
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